Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I have an affinity for tents!

I am currently using a 2005 model Wegner (Swiss Army Knife) 4 person. This tent is 8x7 foot with a 52 inch height.
I like using the Kelty Noah's Tarp 9x9 to add extra porch room. I use this tent for "rally" events, that is camping more than 3 nights.

I also have an ASOLO Astro 3 which I really like for moto camping. It is a smaller 2 person tent but packs as small as any 1, and some 2, person tents.

Additionally I have a Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight 2 Tent which I have used sparingly (twice) but like it's easy set up design. It is a 2 person tent but like most 2 person tents, 1 person is comfortable. The only thing I don't prefer (which is why I prefer my ASOLO) is it only has one entry/exit. A really nice tent for traveling light.

Currently I have just purchased a new Quest Eagle 6 which is a 10x10 footprint and a 76 inch standing height. I am planning on a trip to the Overland Expo in Ashville, NC. in October and going to use this tent. At 6' 3" I enjoy the standing height and the extra interior room will allow me to store my luggage boxes inside out of the weather. I will be using the Kelty Noah's 9x9 tarp, as I do with all camping, to provide extra weather protection.
Quest Eagle Peak 6 Person Tent - Dick's Sporting Goods 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

2014 BMW MOA

Well at the last minuet I decided, with the Wife's encouragement, to pack the GS and head off to the 2014 BMW MOA international Rally.
The weather was fine as I left southern Indiana on Wednesday morning and made my way to Saint Paul Minnesota fairgrounds for the weekend. After an uneventful 700 + mile ride I hit the campgrounds and found a quite place to pitch my tent.

It was a really fun event with the attendance at over 5000 BMW enthusiast! There were probably well over 100 vendors and many classes on travel, maintenance, gps skills as well as the BMW rider training and MSF training.

The 2015 event will be held in Billings Montana, July 23-25. Head on out for a great ride and fantastic time!  http://bmwmoa.org/TheRally/ArtMID/3178/ArticleID/435/Its-Billings-in-2015.aspx