Thursday, September 19, 2013

Adding Gear....

Lately I've been adding to the camping arsenal, mostly to say hammock equipment. I have tried a Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock which I really like, other than being a bit narrow. As you can see the Wife fits quite comfortably !
I'm currently waiting on  the delivery of my Freebird Hammock from Dream Hammocks
We'll wait until delivery to add any comments on this model...........

I have also updated  some of the comfort equipment on my trusty BMW R1150GS......
Latest addition is the Suburban Big Peg rider foot pegs
 As you can see they lower the foot peg by an inch and three quarters from stock...........
which adds to hip to foot length and thereby increasing long distance comfort.
Recently had an opportunity to try the new pegs and a new tent. The lower pegs have worked out great with releasing the pressure on my knees and hips. However I now have an increased micro vibration coming through the brake (right) side peg. I have yet to find the cause but trust I will eventually track it down. At sustained speeds on longer rides it causes my foot to become numb!
As I said I have added a new tent to my travel gear and really, really like the ASLO Astro3.
It is a three person tent but used solo it offers plenty of room for an air mattress and gear. The double entry vestibules offers additional space to place boots, helmet and bags keeping them out of the weather. The set up is a matter of a few shock corded poles and is free standing or can be pegged down on the four corners. The waterproof covers goes on easily and attaches to the base with traditional pole thru grommet and adjustable clips for snugness. The top can be staked down in wind but usually there is no need. So far, so good! 
I've recently added quite a few farkles to the DRZ and it's looking, and preforming, great!


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